Why should I choose a vanity that’s made of Plywood instead of MDF or Particleboard?

Plywood is made from numerous thin layers of wood (veneers) that are glued together. The various plys are laid at right angles to each other thereby making a very strong sheet. Plywood is much more stable and durable comparing to MDF and Particleboard which are made of resin or glue and fine particles of wood (sawdust). MDF will fall apart easier when it is exposed to moisture or water.

Our products use Marine grade plywood which is a premium quality plywood made of selected wood species based on density, bending strength, impact resistance and surface finish characteristics. Marine plywood is manufactured from durable face and ore veneers, with few defects so it performs longer in humid and wet conditions and resists delaminating and fungal attack. Its construction is such that it can be used in environments where it is exposed to moisture for long periods.


What is Composite Stone?

Composite Stone is a man-made material composed of marble dust, resin and along with various additives. It is an ideal choice for a premium finish in your bathroom.

Composite Stone has every brilliance about it – essentially its solidness, durability and life-long renewability. Its smooth, seamless matte white finish is consistent throughout every part. This excellence quality makes it exceed gel-coated products such as cultured marble or laminated products such as plywood. What gets better is that it is low-maintenance and non-porous therefore unaffected by water and inhibits the growth of mould, making it hygienic and a breeze to clean. With stains, such as makeup and nail polish are easily removed without a trace.


How do I clean and maintain Composite Stone?

Composite Stone is renewable and repairable. Almost any damage can be fixed easily to like new condition. The surface can be re-polished and sanded back to new condition if needed and only composite stone is capable of this renewal. There are no special cleaners needed to clean composite stone, sponge and soapy water would do just perfectly fine.


What is indent order? How long does it take?

As an alternative to pay full retail prices, we have introduced an indent order process to our customers. It means that we reduce our stock holdings and allow us to sell the products at a lower price. The process is simple. Once you have confirmed your indent order with us, we will send a full amount invoice. 50% deposit is required immediately to confirm the order and the rest of the amount can be paid within 1 week before pickup which we will notify you. Local freight delivery can be arranged and is normally payable with the rest of the due amount. Please allow the ordered products taking 8 – 12 weeks to deliver.


What waranty do you have on your products?

Unless stated, all Toptile & Bathroom products carry a 2 year warranty which covers manufacturing faults. However, Toptile & Bathroom is not liable for any consequent loss or damage resulting from any failure.

The warranty does not cover misuse, incorrect installation, neglect, modification, wilful damage, flooding, inappropriate cleaning methods, accidental damage and/or other events outside our control.


I found some damages to the products that just delivered, what should I do?

Customer must check all items within 24 hours of receiving these and report any damages or faults to the us. Any freight for returned items must be paid for by the customer. If a product is deemed to be faulty we will refund the return freight costs after the product has been inspected by us. We will replace or repair where possible and refunds will only be available where a replacement is not available.

The buyer must keep the original invoice as proof of purchase for all warranty claims. Incidental or consequential damages attributable to a product defect or to the repair or exchange of a defective product are excluded from our warranty.

Warranty apply to items which have been used strictly for the purposes which they were intended. This does not include cases where errors in installation and workmanship have played a part or misuse or use of a product for which it was not intended, unauthorized repairs, neglect or deliberate damage. We will not pay for plumbing costs or building costs etc if product is found to be faulty after installation.


What is your Return Policy if I changed my mind?

Toptile & Bathroom will accept product returns and provide you with a credit note, refund where:

  • The product is faulty or is not of acceptable quality; or
  • The product is not fit for its intended purpose; or

You MUST present your Toptile & Bathroom register receipt or proof of purchase.

Any shipping cost of returning will be paid by the buyer.


Return- Change of Mind

If you wish to return an item because you have changed your mind about your purchase, Toptile & Bathroom will offer you a credit note or refund only provided that:

  • You return the item within 14 days of purchase;
  • You present your original Toptile & Bathroom register receipt at the time you return the item
  • The item is in resaleable condition including that:
    • It is in its original packaging, including instruction manuals and all accessories;
    • It is unused and in its original condition;

and that:

  • Change of mind is not available with Clearance Item Category (see below).

If these requirements are not satisfied, Toptile & Bathroom reserves the right not to offer a credit note or refund for change of mind returns.


Return Policy on Clearance Items

Toptile & Bathroom will not accept the return of items from the Clearance Items category under any circumstances, except “Tile Clearance” under the change of mind returns policy.

Warranty on Clearance Items

All Clearance Items have one month warranty.


Return Policy on Clearance Tile

Clearance Tile Return will occur a 30% restocking fee of the full sales amount.



Toptile & Bathroom reserves the right to Assess the condition and age of returned goods prior to providing an exchange or refund. This may result in exchange or refund being refused.

Please note:

  • Your original Toptile & Bathroom register receipt is the best form of proof of purchase
  • Refunds will be issued using your original payment method
  • Return any accessories and manuals supplied with product